70cc Dirt Bike Semi Automatic Transmission

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70cc Dirt Bike Semi Automatic Transmission
Item No. DB_SR70
List price: $1,899.00
Price: $379.00

Shipping and Handling: $179.00
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2+ Items $369.00
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FREE:  12 Months Engine Warranty
FREE:  Easy Reachable Emergency Kill Switch
FREE:  24 Hour Delivery Notification
FREE:  Owner's Manual Handbook / Instruction Manual
FREE:  Professionally Designed Decals
FREE:  Tool Kit: $25 value
FREE:  Lifetime Toll Free Technical Support: Get questions? Call us Toll Free: 888-839-7088, our experienced and dedicated technicians here for you 5 days a week! Unlike some of the competitors operate their business out of their garage

Please visit http://www.cpsc.gov/ for more information.

This 70cc pro performance racing pit bike is one of the greatest beginner bikes for beginner riders. You can get this bike at a great price without sacrificing the quality of the bike and parts. If you are looking for something to ride on the trails or to cut it up with your friends, then this would be the perfect bike. Looking for something for your youth riders? They are ready to graduate to a serious off-road bike, yet they are still too small for a regular adult size bike. And of course we just do not think it is a great idea to break our wallet for a brand name bike that our youth riders will out grow in a matter of few months. This 70cc air cooled racing pit bike with big-bike performance features like a manual clutch and a four-speed gearbox, in addition to ruggedly reliable four-stroke power, this DB_SR70 simply makes a perfect holiday gift for your child, siblings or friends!

Legal in all 49 States: One of the best beginner bikes here! We open 7 days a week!

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ITEM: DB_SR70 70cc Dirt Bike Semi Automatic Transmission
Engine / Drive Train
Engine Type 70cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder
Max Horsepower 4.69 HP
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Transmission 4 Speed, Semi Automatic
Driveline Chain Drive
Starting System Kick Start
Ignition C.D.I
Max Speed 25+ MPH (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
Brakes / Suspension / Chassis
Frame Steel Backbone
Front Suspension Hydraulic, Conventional
Rear Suspension 255mm Shock
Front Brakes Drum
Rear Brakes Drum
Front Tires 2.50 - 10
Rear Tires 2.50 - 10
Controls / Safety
Age Recommendation 12+
Thumb Throttle (Y/N) N
Brake Pedal (Y/N) Y
Remote Start (Y/N) N
Remote Engine stop (Y/N) N
Remote Alarm (Y/N) N
Speed Governor (Y/N) N
Light N
Capacities / Dimensions
Weight Capacity 115 lbs
Net Weight 125 lbs
Seat Height 24.5 inches
Wheelbase 37 inchs
Engine 1 Year
Frame 1 Year
Free Decals, Tool Kit, Technical Support
Assembly Handlebar, Front Wheel, Mono Shock
Tool Kits FREE Assembly Tool Kits Included
Local Pick Up
Mandatory Assembly Fee$150 Assembled by our Certified Mechanic. Please Call 626-939-0268 first.
DMV Fee $90 For California DMV Title/Registration
CA Tax 8.75% California Sold / Outside of California Tax Exempt

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Being a factory direct importer enables us offering you unbelievable discounted prices, We also guarantee great service our tech support team stands by 5 days a week to assist you with any questions you may have. We carry most of the common spare parts in stock; You can be assured that we will provide the best in quality and service at the very best price!

Some Assembly required: In most cases and depending on which model purchased, it usually takes anywhere from 10min.-40 min. to complete the assembly process of your vehicle. Our vehicles are usually 80% assembled at the factory and fully tested prior to shipping. For packaging purposes, the battery, handle bars, trunk(if included at time of puchase), and mirrors are removed during testing. These items along with the vehicle will be shipped in a protective crate. To complete the assembly of your vehicle, you will need to properly install/assemble the contents included with your vehicle. Depending on the model purchased, you will usually find these items in the storage compartment underneath the seat. For your safety, be sure to check and tighten all screws, nuts, and bolts prior to using your vehicle for the very first time,(and periodically before every ride). Depending on the length of time the scooter has been stored in the crate after factory testing, the carburetor may need some cleaning due to possible sediment build-up. Detailed instructions on how to perform this procedure can be obtained by contacting our tech support team toll-free Monday through Friday 8am-5pm PST at 909-287-0366, or by E-mail at tech@scooterdepot.us. In some instances, it may be necessary for your vehicle to be setup by a local service center for proper set-up and tuning, prior to initial use. This service is commonly referred to as PDI(Pre-Delivery Inspection). Be sure to check for adequate engine fluid levels to help ensure that your vehicle will operate safely according to the manufacturer's recommended specifications, prior to first use. It is mandatory to have the existing motor/engine oil(known as "packing oil") already in your motor/engine, replaced prior to first initial use, with conventional Four Stroke "Motorcycle Grade" (SAE 15W-40 motor oil). Local pick-ups and optional assembly services are available upon request.

Remember! You are responsible for performing the setup/"PDI" that a dealer would normally perform. i.e.- installing rear view mirrors, setting up and connecting the battery, checking tightness of all screws, nuts, bolts, changing oil, etc. Items such as lose hardware and parts damaged from loose hardware and components are not covered under warranty. It is advisable to use a thread locking agent such as Loctite on all hardware to help prevent loose of hardware. Occasionally, on some units, it may be necessary to perform other routine checks/adjustments, such as adjusting the setting of the idle speed and fuel/air mixture screws on the carburetor, cleaning of the carburetor, checking to ensure wires are connected properly, adjusting chain slack and alignment(if applicable), in order to achieve optimum performance from your vehicle. We will gladly assist you with any additional technical questions you may have.

Please, feel free to get in contact with our Tech Support Department either by E-mail at tech@scooterdepot.us or by phone at (909)287-0366

BE A RESPONSIBLE RIDER! FOR SAFETY, READ YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, EYE PROTECTION, AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING! NEVER RIDE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL! Parents consider your youngster's age, size, ability, and maturity before allowing them to ride. Never ride on paved streets or public roads, and never carry passengers on your ATV. Never engage in stunt driving or ride at excessive speeds. Be careful on difficult terrain. An adult must supervise riders under 16 years of age. ScooterDepot recommends that ALL riders take a training course. For more information visit the ASI website www.safety.org

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